In order to check into the swap most efficiently, please read the following information.  We know it looks like a lot, but we hope it will help you get the most out of this year’s swap, and most importantly significantly speed up your check in process while increasing your sales.


The swap is on November 12th from 9am – 4pm & November 13th from 10 am – 4 pm.


To begin, you’ll need to register for the swap as a seller via this link:


If you were a seller last year, you should use the Returning Sellers option; otherwise use the New Seller option. When in doubt try the forgot password feature to recover your login from last year. The system will not let you create a new account with the same email address.


You will need to provide your name, address, phone numbers and e-mail address.  Then you can start adding your items.


Once your done entering your items, you can print your own tags and affix them to your items.  For hard items like skis and snowboards, you can just tape them directly to the items.  For clothes and other soft items, you can either tape them to card stock and attach them with pins or string to your items, or bring your tags to the swap and we’ll help you out.


If you’d rather, we can print and attach your tags at the swap – it will just take longer for you to check in. Please remember, we are volunteers from all walks of life, but none of us are “professional consignment managers” – we don’t do this for a living, and then only do this once a year – so there are sure to be bumps in the road, but we’ll do the best we can to make you and our other customers happy.


If you really don’t want to register in advance, that’s OK too – we’ll still check you in like always, although it will just take a little longer. You probably type better and faster than we do (see previous paragraph).


A few tips to get you started:

  • Pricing your items – We only work with whole dollar amounts.  Price your items to sell. If you really feel you have an item that can sell for more than the current $999.00 limit, let us know.  But history tells us that’s not likely. To see what items sold for last year, check out: Pricing your items and 2014 prices for items sold.
  • Consignment commission – Remember when you price your items that this is the total selling price we will charge people.  After the sale we will deduct the 20% for our fundraiser and to cover the costs of the sale, credit card fees, etc., from that, and pay you 80% of what you sold it for.  As a nonprofit, we do not need to collect sales taxes, so that simplifies things for everyone.
  • Equipment must be in good shape – Only bring items that are in good shape.  We will not accept items that are dirty, beat-up, torn, or otherwise not likely to sell.
  • Obsolete bindings – We do our best to check ski bindings during the check-in process; the Sun and Ski has a list of bindings that are considered safe (e.g., not obsolete).  If your binding is considered obsolete, we need to mark it as such, which may reduce how much people are willing to spend on it. If we discover later that a binding is obsolete we will mark it as such. We mention this specifically as many shops will not work on a ski with obsolete bindings, however many people do their own work and are willing to buy them – we just want you to know about this factor.
  • Hangers – If you are bringing clothing, it is helpful if you bring them already on disposable hangers.
  • Tagging – To speed up check-in, tag all of your items and print out an inventory list and bring it with you.  If you do that, we can do a quick count of the items and get you through check-in much more quickly than in the past.
  • Descriptions – Use the Description/Brand Name and Description fields to describe your items. Even though it may be obvious try to include the brand and color of the items. We try hard to make sure the tags don’t fall off, but when they do (and they do) it’s very helpful for us to match the items back up.
  • Sizes – We disabled the Size drop down because there would just be too many chooses for all the products that are sold for that to be manageable.  Please include the size of your items in the description fields.
  • Categories – The Category field is helpful but not strictly required.  Most items will be obvious, but it could be helpful in differentiating between boys and girls clothes as an example (to save those boys embarrassment on the hill later!)
  • Multiple items – If you have more than one of the same items you can enter a number of them at once with the Power Tagger feature (add up to 20 items with the same details).
  • Editing items – Feel free to add as many items as you want and then review them changing prices, adding or removing them as you see fit. You can make changes any time up to when you actually check your items into the swap.
  • Changes before the sale – Once you enter items, you can make changes to them by going to the Manage Inventory option.  You can make changes in bulk on this page as well (for example, you decide to sell those 5 pair of ski bibs for $50 instead of $60.)
  • Discounts – Ignore the Discount Feature – we are not using it for this sale.
  • Donating items – If at the end of the sale you don’t wish to pick up your items, we’ll donate them to the Sports 4 All Foundation on your behalf.  Sports 4 All is a great organization that is dedicated to promoting full access to sports and recreation for people with disabilities.
  • Important Note:  Please do not call Sun & Ski during the swap to see if your items have sold – please use your online vendor account to check the status.  We will be updating this every hour throughout the sale, and more frequently towards the end.